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Why Industrial Vacuum Cleaning using our IVC Machines is more than just a luxury. Below are some of the reasons why an effective systems is more than just a compliance issue :

  • Increases life of Plant & Machinery
    Dust damages all forms of plant and machinery, thus minimizing their reliability accuracy and life. Use Industrial Vacuum Cleaners to carry out periodic cleaning and maintenance.
  • Reduces cost of maintenance
    Frequent machine downtime and plant shutdowns can greatly increase operating cost. Use Industrial Vacuum Cleaners to minimize this.
  • Recovery of waste & increase in profits
    Expensive raw material /finished goods when spilt are often lost. Use Industrial Vacuum Cleaners to recover valuable raw material/ finished goods.
  • Reduces liability & Injuries
    Skids, loss of control and accidents are often caused due to presence of grit & sand, oily patches. Slippery slime, which can be avoided by periodic vacuum sweeping. Vacuum sweeping can decrease the frequency of accidents and minimises expensive loss of life and property.
  • Protects your Cleaning crew from health hazards
    Recent WHO report shows that 70% of cleaning crew suffers from chronic respiratory disorder and acute lower back ache, infection and skin diseases. Industrial Vacuum Cleaning, Collection, Transportation, recovery, using IVC along with PPE can help protect your cleaning crew.
  • Trash breeds Trash
    Periodic industrial vacuum cleaning and sweeping can aid in keeping a clean workplace cleaner. A study by a Human Resources Institute states that people have little or no hesitation in throwing litter in a littered place. Cleaning and sweeping can decrease the existing level of litter and thus act as a deterrent for further littering.
  • Minimises Agitation
    Study shows that a littered place can at times lead to mental agitation, thus affecting the person, resulting in rage which can be avoided by periodic cleaning.
  • Quality of Work Environment
    Though this is intangible and hard to put a value, the positive experience of working in a well maintained workplace is in fact real. Regular, thorough cleaning plays an important role in extending the life of your assets.
  • Consistency in Quality Cleaning
    Quality of manual cleaning is subject to the quality of the Crew and thus can vary from time to time. Mechanized cleaning ensures consistent cleaning quality and speed.
  • Increases Asset Valuation
    The positive impact of all the horticulture and greenery is instantly lost when you feel the grit under your tires. Likewise property valuation also gets affected if the roads leading to it are not well maintained. Mechanised cleaning can prevent such irrational valuation.