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Why Collection & Transportation using Garbage Compactors is more than just a luxury. Below are some of the reasons why an effective Collection & Transportation systems for Municipal Solid Waste is more than just a compliance issue :

  • Reduces Collection & Transportation Cost
    Compactors compress garbage and increase their specific weight. This enables maximum pay load utilization of chassis, thereby minimizing cost of collection and transportation.
  • Protects your Collection & Transportation Crew from Occupational Health Hazards
    Due to manual handling of Garbage, cleaning crew often suffers from infection, skin diseases and other occupational hazards.
  • Reduces Waste from Entering Storm Water Lines
  • Uncollected MSW often finds way into the sewerage & storm water network, because of wind rain and open manholes. Thus causing blockages and water logging during monsoons.
  • Reduces Traffic Congestion
    Inefficient Collection & Transportation systems add to the vehicle fleet strength, causing traffic congestions and higher fuel consumption.
  • Minimize Social Inconvenience
    An inefficient SWM can cause great social inconvenience; and is a threat to any and every form of epidemic. Collection of garbage also attracts rodents and stray animals.
  • Reduces Accidents and Injury
    Manual Collection & Transportation System exposes the cleaning crew to unscientific and accident prone work conditions, leading to fatal accidents. Comply with Prohibition of Manual Scavenging Act, 1993.
  • Trash breeds Trash
    Periodic cleaning can aid in keeping a clean workplace cleaner. A study by Human Resources Institute states that people have little or no hesitation in throwing litter in a littered place!
  • Reflects Efficiency of the Civic Authorities
    Often a city of choice is a city with an efficient Civic Authority, which ads greatly to the feeling of pride.