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Liquid Waste Management

Why cleaning and maintenance of sewerage lines using Suction cum Jetting Machines is more than just a luxury. Below are some of the reasons why regular and thorough sewer cleaning is worth much more than what meets the eye:

  • Reduce Cleaning & Maintenance Cost
    A team of 1 driver & 2 helpers together with a Chassis mounted Suction cum Jetting machine can on a average clean and maintain 800 -1000 meters of sewer lines per shift.
  • Protects your Cleaning Crew from Health Hazards
    Recent WHO report states that more than 60% of drain cleaning professionals suffer from occupational health hazards. Often there are fatal accident caused by the presence of Hydrogen Sulphate-H2S in drains. Periodic cleaning of the drain line by a suction cum jetting machine can help protect the cleaning crew.
  • Reduces Water Logging
    Silt & debris in sewer lines is a significant contributor to the reduction of hydraulic flow thus causing over flows during peak time and water logging during monsoons. Periodic cleaning by suction and jetting machines can minimize the above.
  • Increases Life of the Asset
    Periodic cleaning & maintenance prevents speedy deterioration of the sewerage network system thus avoiding expensive rehabilitation / replacement cost.
  • Reduces Environmental Degradation
    Leaking pipes / joints can greatly harm the environment by contaminating ground water.
  • Minimise Social Inconvenience
    Lack of periodic maintenance can lead to degradation of the crown, causing it to collapse thus resulting in the caving in of the road above, thereby causing great inconvenience and accidents.
  • Minimizes Agitation
    Sewer chokes, blockages besides inconvenience also cause agitation, for people experiencing it. Periodic cleaning and maintenance will minimize this.
  • Run an Efficient STP plant
    STP’s are normally designed keeping in mind minimum / maximum input load for operating at optimum time.
  • Increases Property Value
    A well laid out & effectively performing sewerage network can enhance property value.It is possible to achieve this level of efficiency only with a well maintained Sewerage Network.